Current projects


Assessing the effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on forest trees

This work investigates the effects of recent climate change on the growth, reproduction and genetic structure on temperate trees at their distributional limits and the impacts of habitat fragmentation on their population genetic structure.

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Understanding the and predicting changing mountain forest distribution in Taiwan

In this study we are seeking to understand the factors limiting the occurrence of this highly important tree species and to investigate the impacts of current environmental changes on its distribution

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Photo: Peter Morley

Understanding the structure, function and persistence of relict populations under climate change

In this work, we are exploring the structure and function of range edge populations to test predictions that such populations might, in some cases, show higher persistence as the climate warms than those in more central areas of a species range.

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Investigating impacts of management and climate change on European beech forest

This work looks at the impacts of recent and historic management systems and the impacts of climate change and extreme climatic events on the growth, genetic diversity, and genetic structure of European beech forest.

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Predicting impacts of climate change at species range edges

This research is assessing the likely impacts of ongoing changes in climate on the growth, reproduction, and population structure of Scots pine and common juniper and their implications for the future distribution of these species.

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Assessing ecosystem resistance and recovery after extreme drought-related dieback events

This International Network project focusses on understanding which factors govern susceptibility to drought-related dieback in woody ecosystems and the composition of post-drought communities

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Photo: Mike Michaelian

Drought-induced effects on tree species demography and distribution

This project seeks to understand how tree species distributions will be impacted by drought and the role that tree species diversity might play in  influencing forest drought susceptibility

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Photo: Paloma Ruiz Benito